Companion birds are one of the preferred pets in the USA. Not all pets receive good care and a loving home. Established in 2001, ARC has expanded to rescuing and providing a sanctuary for all types of birds. Thousand of birds are abandoned or lost annually; ARC provides care and rehabilitation until ARC can find them a new and caring home. Domesticated birds have little to no chance of survival in the wild.


ARC has helped hundreds of birds by picking them up from animal shelters and individuals that can no longer provide a good home for their birds. At any one time, there are over 200 birds in the ARC system. For more information, please email us:

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ARC is a Non-Profit, Public Benefit Corporation with IRS 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption status. Funding comes from donations, adoption fees, or grants. 100% of all donations go to food, medical expenses, and the care and rehabilitation of our birds. ARC is a no kill facility.

ARC is an approved participant in the United Way of the Bay Area Campaign, the California State Emplyee’s Charitable Campaign and the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #64924).

ARC has collection points in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Washington with our main facility in Concord, CA. We are looking to expand collection points and/or facilities throughout the US and are in the planning stage for construction of a large avian facility with separate housing for various bird species in central-eastern California.

Every life is precious and ARC is commited to saving each small life one at a time.

INFORMATION for Lost and Found Listings: Be certain to check your local animal shelters and file your bird with them, check Lost and Found Lists (ours and other sites), and check the craigslist in your local area.  Keep checking back, some birds are caught months following their escape and listings can appear months after a bird has been found, or lost.  Be patient and never give up hope. ARC does not use craigslist mailboxes as a point of contact.  Craigslist mailboxes are automatically closed within 1 week of opening and if anyone reposts their listing, the mailbox number changes.  This leads to major frustration in trying to contact a craigslist posting.  If you wish to post a Cockatiel on either the Found or Lost list, you must provide the necessary information to ARC and a telephone number or email address (not connected to craigslist).  ARC uses a restricted list so only a member of ARC can post/delete from the lists, please send your request to the info email address

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The Mission

Avian Rescue Corporation (ARC) was formed to:

  • Rescue birds from abuse, neglect, improper care, or mistreatment
  • Provide bird rescue services to state/county agencies by providing experienced bird handlers to go along on law enforcement proceedings
  • Provide care and rehabilitation for birds, to include any necessary medical attention
  • Prepare and evaluate birds for adoptions to loving and caring families, or for a healthy and happy life within the sanctuary
  • Provide education and training for individuals: as to the needs of birds; what is ARC; and to help them maintain a healthy and happy environment for companion birds in their family.

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President – Ron Howard
Board of Directors

ARC Goals

  • To find good, reliable homes for those birds that are able to function in a home environment. Each home considered for an adoption will be visited to see the actual environment that the bird would be in and that it is well suited to the bird. All adoptions require completion of an Adoption Form, an interview by ARC with both the individuals and the bird being considered for adoption to see that no negative reactions are encountered, or cannot be overcome, and payment of an adoption fee.
  • To provide a life-time sanctuary for those birds that are not suitable for adoption, including those unable to function in a home environment. ARC works with behavioral problems to educate the bird and provide rehabilitation goal of adoption into a good home environment.
  • To provide care and rehabilitation for wild birds until they can be released back into their natural environment.
  • To provide an environment where birds and people can interact and bonds of trust established. This includes health care visits to facilities where individuals can interact and touch a bird.
  • To provide educational programs to both the community and individuals on the commitment required to learn the habits, life span and proper care and feeding of different types of birds.
  • To provide for the memory of a past bird in a way that people feel respects their past relationship.