Things That Won’t Hurt The Feelings of Your Hairstylist

Throughout the years we’ve noticed a number of our guests have continued to apologize for several circumstances which in fact don’t phase us at all. We should clear the misconceptions up in what could possibly be considered offensive so that the guilt is off of your shoulders! Here are five samples of what’s commonly mistaken to offend your hairdresser.


a misconception that is common visitors have actually is that their hairdresser is offended if  they see another hairdresser during  the  same hair salon sometimes so much so  that they’ll go to another beauty salon entirely! If you just want to try someone else out for fun, no one here will be offended if you want to see someone else whether it’s a schedule conflict, budgeting reasons, or! Certainly one of Virtue’s core values is “Trust into the united Team.” We love the community we now have right here and work together as being  a team as much as we could. Our hairdressers place in-house recommendations that are referral all of their guest’s profiles according to locks kind, character, and who they think you’ll get along with best for situations exactly like those stated above. Our hairdressers’ main concern can be keeping their visitors pleased and making certain they are able to get in for an appointment, regardless if it really isn’t with them


Another really typical myth of exactly what is offensive to your hairdresser is asking them to correct exclusive solution. Virtue constantly provides free service modifications within a week associated with the initial service. Our absolute goal is always to be sure you are content and satisfied with the hair on your head once you walk out the doorway. We wish one to have this kind of amazing experience that you are excited to inform your friends and relations about any of it once you see them. Therefore, never ever feel bad if you would like your hairdresser to tweak or fix something about your locks. Frequently modifications are a definite tiny and easy fix, and so are absolutely no inconveniences to us. A lot more than any such thing, we just want you to definitely feel safe being truthful with us so we can fully understand your vision. Also on perfecting your hair to your specific preferences if you’ve just been unhappy with how your hair was cut or styled during the past few services, please let your hairdresser know so that they can work with you. We love whenever you’re open and genuine with us such that it doesn’t leave us guessing as to why you’ve probably chosen to go on. This communication and honesty not only lends itself to a better service but additionally assists develop your hairdresser inside  their craft too!


You may think bringing in images of hair carried out by another hairdresser could possibly be unpleasant, however it’s perhaps not! It’s actually extremely helpful for the hairdresser to be able to raised realize the look you’re going for. Trying to explain a specific cut or locks color with no visual could be confusing and may also cause miscommunication, which is why it’s so important to really have a assessment. Bringing in a photo helps us can get on the same page and see precisely what your hopes and objectives are for the outcome. Our hairdressers are constantly prompted by other hairdressers through Instagram along with other platforms, therefore we totally have why you would be too! The hair salon La Jolla community is all about learning from each other and growing together as a whole. Therefore bring all of the pictures you want! Images of hair you love, and also hair you don’t like might help your hairdresser to understand who you are and exactly how to make the hair fit you perfectly. If you need a source that is good images, visit our Pinterest web page or search our tags on Instagram!


Your beauty salon visit is a unique and experience that is individualized you. Some visitors are excited to come and share about their lives using their hairdresser while others would rather flake out and relax from their busy life. We love that the beauty salon experience is just a time for you yourself to focus on self care, and now we desire to encourage whatever makes you feel safe and at simplicity. If you would be in a position to enjoy your solution more with silence, or by closing your eyes, we’re here for you personally! Simply let us realize that you’d like a service that is silent so we are above happy to offer a calm break from your own noisy life.

5. ARRIVING AMONG DIRTY HAIR Often times, individuals will arrive to their appointments, apologizing for having unwashed hair. This is something we never want one to almost worry about since every solution our salon offers carries a clean and style. Our hairdressers also suggest perhaps not washing your own hair each and every day if possible; you would avoid shampooing your hair before your visit to the salon so we understand why. Our priority is just how your hair appears when you go  out of the beauty salon, perhaps not whenever  you walk in. 

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