Available Birds

These pictures are examples only, this page of available birds is under construction. Please call for currently available birds


Female Grey Normal cockatiel, approx. 5 years old, tame disposition. $75 adoption fee.


Grey Normal Male cockatiel, age unknown, enjoys people..


Male Green Cheeked Conure, age unknown, a bit grouchy


Mexican Red Head Amazon, young, semi-wild. $400 adoption fee.


Female Scarlet Macaw, approx. 17 years old $800 adoption fee.


Male Harlequin Macaw, approx. 9 years old,$1,000 adoption fee


The adoption process is fairly straight forward: you contact Avian Rescue Corporation and set up an interview where you will be asked to explain how you intend to provide for your new companion (housing, food and medically); once the interview has been successfully completed, you get to meet the bird(s), sometimes a bird will pick out the person – there may be a need for several meetings prior to any adoption; then you complete the Adoption Form (if not already completed); have a home inspection to see that your home is safe for your new companion and you have a reasonable cage size for your bird; pay the adoption fee; and finally you take your new companion home.  Most birds at ARC have come from unfortunate situations and ARC tries to make the best choices possible for their future life, we DO NOT just sell a bird, we place them in a loving environment.  ARC does not commercially ship birds, it is too stressful on them.

The adoption information is for the use of ARC only and will not be given to others for any purpose without your express written approval.  It will be used for the purpose of finding the best match for you and your adoptee.  It is your right not to answer any, or all question(s), however if you elect not to complete most of the questionaire, you will not be given an opportunity to adopt a bird from ARC.